These are our regular service packages we offer. They cover the majority of work needed to keep your bike running as it should do.

    If you need a job done that isn't listed, we can still do it, give us a call 07484805507 or email:

    All prices listed below are inclusive of VAT but does not include parts


    Gold Service

    If your a big milage rider, or you've neglected your bike for a couple of seasons, this is the service for you.
    We strip the entire bike right back to it's component parts, inspect, replace if required, and build everything back up.
    Give us your bike for a full service and we'll hand you back a new bike :-)

    What's Included

    • Full mechanical strip down, degrease and clean through our parts washer, full examination and reassembly
    • Brakes, gears and transmission examination, tuning and re-calibration
    • Wheel tensioning and truing and tyre check
    • Full bearing check and adjustment
    • Cable friction examination, lube and adjustment
    • Grease/carbon assembly paste pedals, seat post and stem
    • Full written report and record


    (Inc.VAT Excludes Parts)


    Current Price List

    Below is a list of additional specific jobs that we can perform. This list is not exhaustive, if you need something that isn't on the list, just get in touch.
    Gear Adjustment £15.00
    Tube Replacement (Front) £6.00
    Tube Replacement (Rear)
    Brake Bleed (including fluid) £20.00
    Wheel true (Replacement spoke/ nipples not included) £20.00
    Replace Bar Tape £20.00
    Replace Gear cable (Each) £10.00
    Replace Brake cable (Each) £10.00
    Replace Brake Blocks £10.00
    Replace Bottom Bracket £20.00
    Replace Headset £20.00
    Replace chain £10.00
    Fit Mudguard (Full set) From £18.00

    Prices do not include replacement parts.

    Before any work is carried out we will call you with a full quotation.

    Prices correct at 1/1/2017

    20 Market Place,
    IP17 1AG

    07484 805507


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    Sunday - Riding!

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