These are our regular service packages we offer. They cover the majority of work needed to keep your bike running as it should do.

    If you need a job done that isn't listed, we can still do it, give us a call 07484805507 or email:

    All prices listed below are inclusive of VAT but does not include parts


    Bronze Service

    If everything on your bike is good, but it's not working 100%, you most likely just need a basic service.

    We will torque all bolts, lube chain and inflate tryes to correct pressure.

    What's Included

    • Brakes, Gears and transmission examination, tuning and re-calibration
    • Tyre check
    • Cable friction examination and adjustment
    • Full written report and record


    (Inc.VAT Excludes Parts)


    Current Price List

    Below is a list of additional specific jobs that we can perform. This list is not exhaustive, if you need something that isn't on the list, just get in touch.
    Gear Adjustment £15.00
    Tube Replacement (Front) £6.00
    Tube Replacement (Rear)
    Brake Bleed (including fluid) £20.00
    Wheel true (Replacement spoke/ nipples not included) £20.00
    Replace Bar Tape £20.00
    Replace Gear cable (Each) £10.00
    Replace Brake cable (Each) £10.00
    Replace Brake Blocks £10.00
    Replace Bottom Bracket £20.00
    Replace Headset £20.00
    Replace chain £10.00
    Fit Mudguard (Full set) From £18.00

    Prices do not include replacement parts.

    Before any work is carried out we will call you with a full quotation.

    Prices correct at 1/1/2017

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    IP17 1AG

    07484 805507


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