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    When choosing the brands of bikes we wanted to stock at Sax Velo. We wanted something that was an excellent price point and easy to use.

    Performance Nutrition

    Torq Nutrition

    Torq don’t use chemical sweeteners, colours or artificial flavours, they work meticulously to deliver the finest natural flavour profiles available in any food product, let alone the niche sector TORQ is represented in. From product function, through to usability, flavour and packaging quality and design, Torq accept absolutely no compromise and always strive for perfection.

    TORQ look after a number of high profile teams, athletes and ambassadors who genuinely adore Torq products We firmly believe that this is how sponsorship should work. We also run our own Mountain Bike, Triathlon, Track Cycling and Running teams, all of whom are fuelled, educated and supported by TORQ.

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    Wide range of bikes in store now! Test rides available!

    20 Market Place,
    IP17 1AG

    07484 805507


    Monday - 9-5
    Tuesday - 9-5
    Wednesday - -9-5
    Thursday - CLOSED
    Friday - 9-5
    Saturday - 9-5
    Sunday - Riding!

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