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    When choosing the brands of bikes we wanted to stock at Sax Velo. We wanted something that was an excellent price point and easy to use.

    Ezego electric Bikes

    Ezego eBikes

    EZEGO is the brainchild of Pennine Sports Ltd. We've created an accessible, affordable e-bike range with quality components, exceptional manufacturing and superb aesthetics. The EZEGO E-Bike range lands early April 2019, and will be available to purchase online, and in-store across the UK.

    The team behind EZEGO are keen to make cycling more accessible and enjoyable. Cycling is becoming more popular by the day, and e-bikes are an excellent way to introduce those on the fringe to two wheels.

    Whether you've considered commuting to work, would like to enjoy a leisurely ride, or used to ride but feel you no longer can then our EZEGO range of electric bikes are a great place to start.

    See the range.


    Wide range of bikes in store now! Test rides available!

    20 Market Place,
    IP17 1AG

    07484 805507


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