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    When choosing the brands of bikes we wanted to stock at Sax Velo. We wanted something that was an excellent price point and easy to use.

    Dawes Bike

    Dawes Cycles


    Dawes bikes offer a unique blend of the British heritage. From kid's bikes to touring bikes, Dawes offer a suitable budget for anyone with the suitable needs for a bike. Also, Dawes have a wide range of trekking bikes which are perfect and ideal for the whole family, Dawes is a great choice for anyone who is looking for a bike that fits there needs.

    From a novice beginner to a daily commuter, there is a wide range for both, also you can be sure that with the Dawes range there is a bike that suits you and your budget.

    Duchess Deluxe, Plum


    Wide range of bikes in store now! Test rides available!

    20 Market Place,
    IP17 1AG

    07484 805507


    Monday - 9-5
    Tuesday - CLOSED
    Wednesday - 9-5
    Thursday - CLOSED
    Friday - 9-5
    Saturday - 9-5
    Sunday - Riding!

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